wedgwood READING List

March 2018



The Oscars are nearly here, so read up on what goes on behind the scenes before the big day on Sunday!

The Buzz from Sundance

The annual event in Park City, Utah is where scrappy little india films go to make it big.

Oscar Nominations

Oscar nominations for the 90th annual awards were announced from the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Guide to the Oscar Nominated Best Pictures

Here's what makes each of this year's nine nominees distinctive. 

Black Panther Sales

Black Panther slays Hollywood bias with broad ticket appeal.

I, Tonya: A Study of Virtue 

If you see this film—and if you’re a mature adult you should—you’ll note that one of the major themes running through I, Tonya is truth.

Director of Moonlight Sets Next Movie 

Barry Jenkins is set to direct an adaptation of “If Beale Street Could Talk” for Annapurna Pictures, marking his first feature film since his hit “Moonlight” won this year’s best picture Oscar.




Watchful Dragons

Neil Gaiman's brush with Narnia lingers in his book Norse Mythology