November 2017


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Wedgwood Circle Annual Event

This November 8-10, we will be holding our 2017 Wedgwood Circle Annual Event. Now in our 10th year, our Annual Event is built around three goals: to be a conduit for relationships that will bear fruit; to educate through panels, conversation and experiences that helps us become strategic participants in culture cultivation through our different forms of capital flow and collaboration; and finally, to offer opportunities to “equip the saints” through for-profit investments and other patron-level conduits we have created.

This year will focus on the art and entertainment sectors of film, music, and a special industry-insiders look into impact of this industry on a post- millennial world . Our featured guests and panelists will include some of the leading executives, designers, writers, thinkers, producers, and developers in these fields and beyond . We are also very excited to be highlighting some of the most creative women and entrepreneurs in LA today! And let's not forget that we will be hosting a very special showcase with our patroned music artists and friends!

The Wedgwood Circle Annual Event is a unique and intimate opportunity to become immersed in relevant entertainment and arts sectors while connecting with visionaries who are creating culture. This event is open via invite to our Wedgwood Members, as well as other investors and philanthropists who are curious about our thesis and impact on culture. We also host a number of industry executives and artist looking for a community to thrive in conversation of the "good, true and beautiful" for the common good of art and entertainment. 

If you have not been received and invitation, but are interested in purchasing a ticket to attend, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@wedgwoodcircle.com.



Jack “The King” Kirby: Questions and The Quest: By Mark Rogers

We all have those childhood memories that warm our souls. Mine was walking to 7-Eleven on Sunday morning a few blocks from our church between the service and Sunday school to get a Slurpee and a .20 cent comic book.

A comic book illustrated by Jack “The King” Kirby, who would have been 100 years old this year.

Kirby’s artwork mesmerized me. I came into comics during that sweet spot of adolescence, ages 10-15, which coincided with the short stint that Kirby came to DC Comics, where he developed his own stories for five years


Sleeping At Last Podcast

Wedgwood’s friend Ryan O’Neal, also known as Sleeping At Last, has launched a new podcast. The podcast is an evolution of Ryan’s ongoing series of "How It Was Made" blog posts. Like everything Ryan does, it’s a thoughtful and insightful show.


Johnnyswim Tour

If you haven't experienced a Johnnyswim show, you are definitely missing out. This husband/wife duo just embarked on their fall tour. Do yourself a favor and catch their entrancing live act.