Greg Leekley

Greg Leekley is a founder and the Chairman and CEO of Vertigo Media whose flagship consumer social music solution, Vertigo Music, has a mission and vision to connect the world of music so life can be shared through music.  Greg’s passion for revolutionizing the way we engage media as a community as well as how the artists we love get paid in cloud-based steaming environments has led to several approved international patents now being commercialized. Other related industry facing Vertigo solutions include Vertigo All Access, a leading white label fan club app, and coming soon - Vertigo Money.

Greg is a return on mission oriented entrepreneur and investor. Yahoo Top 100 on the Internet 2001 award for creating the Quicken 401(k) Advisor by TeamVest, the first collaborative online investment advisor platform. Open Finance Network (“OFN”), a turnkey family office and wealth management platform provider which administered over $23 billion in assets. Consultant to Richardson Sports’ successful effort to land an NFL expansion team, The Carolina Panthers for Charlotte. As a result of the success of the Carolina Panthers effort and a unique PSL stadium financing strategy designed by Max Muhleman, the former head of Muhleman Marketing and IMG’s Stadium and Arena Group, Greg assisted Muhleman in consulting many NFL, NBA and MLB franchises and their owners.

In the 1980’s while still in school, Greg was a Young Life Leader; a DJ and manager of The Warehouse, then the nation’s largest teen center; and Assistant to the Program Director for a top rated pop radio station in the Carolinas.

On a not so vain note, Greg is most proud to be married to his wife Marianela and to be dad to Wyatt, Eliza and Weston.