Since its inception in 2007, Wedgwood Circle has worked to cultivate through investment opportunities, conversations, strategic outreach, and has organized over 22 conferences and gatherings in nashville, New york, austin, san francisco, washington d.c., dallas, denver, and los angeles. 

In it's first ten years, Wedgwood Circle has helped moved nearly $17.28 million through its conduits of capital. 

how we invest


Wedgwood Circle investors move capital to individual artists, specific projects, and/or companies. Our community made up of sector liaisons and other creative industry leaders, helps curate for-profit strategic initiatives for investments that exemplify significant potential for cultural influence.

Patron fund

Ten percent of Wedgwood Circle member fees seed a patron pool that supports artists through micro-grants. Since it’s inception in 2008, the patron pool has granted over $700,000 in grants of $500-$5,000 to artists and projects that embody the "good, the true, and the beautiful" in the mainstream market.  


Wedgwood Circle encourages Members to explore the areas they have a specific passion for, and we make ourselves available to support them by strategizing, facilitating and potentially managing new and existing projects that fit their interests. In addition, the Wedgwood Culture Fund supports the work of foundations for their projects in the areas of culture engagement.

Program Related Investments

Managed through the Wedgwood Culture Fund, Program Related Investments (PRI) are deployments of non-profit capital into for-profit opportunities that promote the mission of the non-profit.  Currently our investments are in the areas of music, graphic novels, and television. Returns from investments will replenish the fund for additional investment in innovative high risk culture-creation.  Since 2009, we’ve moved over $400,000 through PRI funding.