Jess is founder and chairman of the board for First Southern Bancorp and is Chairman of the board for UTG, an insurance company.  He serves on the boards of the Friends of the Good Samaritans for a slum school in India, the National Christian Foundation, and Centre College.

Angela is the author of Grounded and Guarded, both Amazon bestsellers. Grounded was adapted into a play and premiered at the Pioneer Playhouse in the summer of 2015 as their Kentucky Voices play, becoming the second highest grossing play in the playhouse’s 66-year history. Guarded will make the same debut in the summer of 2017.

Angela is also on the Wedgwood Circle board as well as the Kentucky Heritage Council. She is the concept designer for the Wilderness Road Guesthouses and founder of Kentucky Soaps & Such.

Jess and Angela are co-owners of the Bluebird café with Chef William Hawkins and have won several awards for historic preservation in Kentucky’s second oldest city, Stanford, Kentucky. They live on a farm in the southern Bluegrass where they practice sustainable farming.