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Kara Dykert is the personality behind Kara Elise, a lifestyle brand focused on creating spaces and experiences that cultivate community. Kara's expertise in hosting, recipe creation, and food styling establish a culture of invitation through holistically designed, welcoming environments. She is intuitive, warm, and disarming. A genuine hostess encouraging us to live fully.

In a culture obsessed with technology, being busy, and overstimulation, slowness is one of our most difficult disciplines. Kara believes that creating intentional time to sit with others is an essential practice. A moment to feed our bodies and fill our deepest human desire - to be seen and known.

While fostering relationships in Los Angeles, Kara has garnered a network of influential guests, clients, and brand partners. Her dinner party movement has successfully traveled between the West Coast and London, and continues to grow internationally - drawing in socially savvy, mindful foodies along the way for dinners, retreats, and events. Kara also collaborates with a variety of brands, turning their consumers into a community of thriving relationships.

Kara recently launched her YouTube channel empowering freedom in the kitchen and teaching how to eat both mindfully and beautifully. Her first cookbook, Toast, was released in September 2017.