A letter from Jacob Marshall

Wedgwood Cultural Curator

This fall, Wedgwood Circle, will celebrate its 10th year of community. As we reflect back on the accomplishments of the last decade, we are so proud to have worked with you to support over 100 artists through Patron granting.

This simply would not have happened without your help and dedication to serving an up and coming generation of artists. Thank you.

We have two goals for the Patron Fund this year.

First, we would like to address a long-standing challenge in our process. Each year we speak to artists who have been put forward by our vetters and we learn about needs that a Wedgwood grant could meet. We deploy 100% of Patron funds raised in each year directly to artists, however these funds typically don’t accumulate until the end of the year. Since many of the artists we work with have needs that are timely, our ability to be meet those needs in a helpful way is diminished.

In reviewing this process, we have decided to take a pause and not build out a new slate of artists this calendar this year. Instead, we will focus on raising capital so that we have reserves on hand at the beginning of next year in order to be able to address artist needs in real time. When we resume building the artist slate in 2017, we will also continue to fundraise each year moving forward to replenish the capital that will be outlaid.

Would you consider contributing to the Patron Fund this year to help us build a strong foundation for giving?

Second, we have been using this year to reconnect with all the artists who have been a part of our patron program for the past 10 years and to collect stories and insights from their experiences. We have already spoken to a significant number of them and their stories and reflections are profoundly encouraging.

In the following pages you will see snapshots of these stories and hear words directly from a few of the artists who have been impacted by the generosity of the Patron Fund over the years. We can’t wait to share even more with you at the Annual Event in Nashville in November.

We look forward to continuing this work with you and to re-launching the patron slate in early 2017.

Thank you again for your presence in our community and your extraordinary generosity of time, resources, energy, wisdom, spirit, and love.

Jacob and the Wedgwood family

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