Seanne is a writer/director/producer who grew up in Germany, England, Israel/Palestine and America.  She believes that stories are an important bridge between people and cultures and that they impact not only our present but also our future.  

Before founding Required Reading in 2015 with Adam Sjoberg and David Jacobson, Seanne served as the Vice President of Creative Innovation at Lin Pictures, a production company based at Warner Bros., where she was the on-set Executive Producer of the global animated hit, THE LEGO MOVIE and oversaw the SHERLOCK HOLMES franchise starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

Seanne observed that telling great stories takes courage and the support of a vibrant community, which is why she founded The Creative Salon in 2009.  The Creative Salon is an underground community of A-list writers and directors devoted to finding answers to the question, “How do we tell better stories?”

Most recently, Required Reading produced Kanye West & Vanessa Beecroft’s art instillation/fashion show/listening party in Madison Square Garden, which was watched by over 20-million people in theaters, online and in Time Square.  Seanne also directed a music video and content piece for Kaya Stewart & BoseBuild.  This summer the Required Reading trip will be piloting MANA Contemporary’s first every film residency in preparation for production on their first narrative features film, THE FALCONER.