Ben Armet

"With a few non-fiction titles under my belt and nearly a decade of equipping creatives through the annual STORY conference, I decided to make the leap into writing fiction. I had a great story for a new novel but needed a way forward. Wedgwood accepted me into the inaugural Good Lit writers program with a funded writer's retreat in Stanford, Kentucky and grant. The time away provided not only an enriching week with notable authors, industry experts, and fellow writers, but also ongoing connections, feedback, and support as I finished the manuscript. I used the grant to film a trailer for the book. A veteran fiction editor in New York is shaping the content, and we expect The Resident to be published in 2016."


The Last Bison

A critically acclaimed mountain-top chamber/folk group hailing from the swamplands of Southeast Virginia, The Last Bison has already been paving paths in their still early career. Using their Wedgwood Patron Grant to purchase to purchase a van and trailer, boosting their ability to tour, they ran into an unprecedented deal with Universal Music Group's flagship label, Republic Records. In 2013 they launched onto the world's stage, delivering a major label debut album, Inheritance, and were the first artist to include a "cause clause" into a major label record contract. This clause gives them the right to use their recorded music for charitable causes and makes tangible the idea of good, true and beautiful art.