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Terence Berry serves Wedgwood Circle as its Chief Operations Officer. Terence began his career in New York with Citibank's Media & Entertainment Group working on film-financings for the major studios. Desiring to work more closely with filmmakers, he left New York for Los Angeles where he began producing short films, helped launch and run the Damah Film Festival, served as an associated producer for several shows on the Discovery Channel and produced the feature films That Evening Sun (starring Oscar-nominated Hal Holbrook) and Not That Funny (starring Emmy-winner Tony Hale.) Terence is in post-production on his third feature film, Waiting For The Miracle To Come, a film by Lian Lunson starring Willie Nelson and Charlotte Rampling. In addition to his work as a film producer, he also ran Act One, a Hollywood-based training program and professional society from 2009 through 2013. Terence is a graduate of the University of Virginia.