Wedgwood MUSE | June 2016

Oh June, sweet June. We're almost 50% of the way through 2016 (how?) and over here our team is excited to be amping up for the second and busiest half of the year! 

Over the last month we've watched a few things that should make it on your viewing list:

The documentary film The First Monday In May is a beautifully shot interesting behind the scenes look at the creation of the Met Gala and the Costume Institute's 2015 exhibit, China: Through the Looking Glass. The film sparked a number of conversations for us around the definition of art and the challenges / benefits of blending High Art with pop culture. 

You may have already seen this short film featuring Bono and Eugene Peterson discussing the Psalms, but it is certainly worth both a watch and re-watch. In it Bono asks,"Why do we need art, why do we need the lyric poetry of the Psalms?" He answers his own question with, "Because the only way we can approach God is if we're honest."

Captain America: Civil War is likely to be this summer's biggest smash box office hit. If you're a Wedgwood Member and will be joining us for the retreat in San Diego this July during Comic-Con, definitely catch the film beforehand!

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