What we do

Wedgwood focuses on the creation of art and entertainment in the industries of film, music, television, theatre, fashion, fine arts, comics & graphic novels, computer & console gaming, and new media. We do this in three ways:

CONNECT // Building a community of common cause, including investors, patrons, sector experts and funded artists.  Sharing experiences through concerts, live performance gatherings, Inner Circle Experiences, and conferences that celebrate the efforts we are undertaking together.

EDUCATE // Informing investors, patrons, and the community through reports, events, proprietary “sector strategies,” and other recommended readings and inspiring others to live into the Wedgwood mission in their own networks and communities. 

CAPITALIZE // Facilitating strategic capital deployment through a granting patron pool and special member projects, as well as the Wedgwood Culture Fund, a mechanism we developed to focus on facilitating deal flow and Program Related Investment.